UPDATES from L'illette:
  • Daily reports from onsite by Gayle Woodsum (RMLA member, ALSA judge)
  • Please read Sanctuary Lost: Death in the Montana Mountains at http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/ (scroll down page to article)
  • Donate for transport or essential ongoing care at http://southeastllamarescue.org
  • We need foster farms and intake centers. Can you take llamas at your farm? Can you talk with your neighbors? A representative of your closest llama rescue organization will be happy to talk to you about what minimal requirements are and what to expect. Contact me at LlamaRescue@lillette.net for more information.
  • Do you have contacts with national or international press? Please help us get the word out! Time is truly, literally, and alarmingly short to get these animals out of Missoula MT before weather and road conditions make it impossible... and starving animals are left at MLAS with an unlikely prospect of surviving another winter.

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